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Car Accidents & Cellphones

'Texting While Driving' Car Accidents Are on the Rise

Research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that drivers talking on the phone are as likely to cause an accident as a driver with a .08 blood alcohol content. The same study showed that distracted drivers are four times as likely to cause a car accident as other motorists are.

Massachusetts is close to passing a law prohibiting some or all use of mobile devices while driving. Even if Massachusetts does not have a distracted driver law, it is important to investigate after a car accident to find out if the other driver was texting or talking on a cell phone when the accident happened. Cell phone records and witness statements can help uncover the truth of what caused the car accident.

Why is it important to learn if anyone involved in the accident was using a cell phone when the accident happened? Cell phone use while driving is clearly negligent behavior. Other negligent, distracted driver behaviors include driver fatigue, driving while eating and driving while applying make-up. Such clear proof of negligence can make it easier to get a fair settlement from the insurance companies.

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