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Car crash wraps SUV around tree

On Behalf of | May 22, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Everyone who drives their vehicle on the roads around Andover needs to do so with care. There can be a high volume of traffic on those roads, requiring that drivers pay attention to other vehicles, their surroundings and any challenges with their own car or truck in order to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, one such accident occurred recently.

That accident, according to police, happened on a recent Monday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. A man, reportedly in his late 20s , was driving a small SUV on Interstate 495 northbound, when all of a sudden, his SUV spun out of control, rolled onto one side and smashed into a tree. Observers say that the SUV was partially wrapped around the tree.

The accident, which occurred close to the ramp to Route 28, left the driver trapped in his car. Emergency personnel, including Massachusetts State Police, an ambulance and Andover Fire Rescue rushed to the scene. Once there, they began the difficult task of trying to rescue the man. This was an arduous process, taking 55 minutes of intense labor by both firefighters and the crew of Coady’s Trucking Services to extricate the man using specialized tools. The man, who had been the only occupant of the car, was conscious during the entire process.

Once he was free, I-495 was closed in order to let a medical helicopter land near the site of the accident. The medical helicopter then transported the man to a hospital in the Boston area to have his injuries treated. Those injuries were classified as life-threatening.

Meanwhile, authorities shut I-495 down in both directions for approximately 20 minutes, with northbound lanes being shut down for approximately 55 minutes. An investigation is underway, and authorities ask all drivers to exercise particular caution when driving through that area to avoid further motor vehicle accidents.

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