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4 types of winter driving that may cause a serious crash

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you want to visit a skating rink, sled with your kids or simply look at some beautiful views, Eastern Massachusetts is a wonderful place to spend the winter. Still, roads in and around Andover can quickly turn dangerous when the mercury plummets. If you are not careful, you may find yourself in the middle of a life-changing automobile accident. 

Even during mild winters, area roadways can be treacherous places for drivers. As such, to stay safe behind the wheel, you must understand what constitutes bad driving during inclement weather. Here are four types of winter driving that may cause a serious crash:

  1. Driving too fast for road conditions 

When drivers speed on slick roadways, they have less time to react to road hazards. They may also lose control of their vehicles. Accordingly, Massachusetts law requires motorists to decrease their speeds when a special hazard exists.

  1. Following too closely

Many driving instructors advise motorists to allow a three-second distance between their vehicles and the ones in front of them. During inclement weather, though, this distance may not be sufficient to avoid a rear-end collision. On the contrary, motorists may need to allocate additional space to compensate for potential loss of traction or skids.

  1. Failing to maintain a vehicle 

To perform correctly on icy roads, cars need tires with good traction. Vehicles should also have functioning wiper blades and enough washer fluid to clear dirty windshields. Furthermore, before heading out, motorists should scrape ice from all windows and remove accumulated snow from hoods, trunks and rooftops.

  1. Sending text messages 

Distracted driving is always a bad idea. After all, if a driver is not paying attention to the road in front of his or her vehicle, he or she may inadvertently contribute to a car accident. While motorists should never text and drive, staying off their smartphones during inclement weather is even more important.

If a motorist drives unsafely or irresponsibly during bad weather, your life may be in danger. By understanding what constitutes poor winter-weather driving, you can take steps to stay safe on your next trip.