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What should you know about workplace falls?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Massachusetts workers like you want and deserve to have a workspace that is as free of hazards as possible. Workplace rules and requirements often help make this a reality. But unfortunately, accidents still can and do happen.

Fall accidents are among the most potentially risky dangers you can face. They cause workers like you unimaginable injury and strife every year.

How many fall incidents and injuries happen a year?

The National Safety Council says that fall safety should be a top priority among all fields of work. This is because it is one of the biggest health hazards in the working world. In 2016 alone, 697 workers died in falls. 48,060 workers suffered from injuries that removed them from the workforce temporarily. Many more suffered falls that resulted in lesser injuries.

Construction is the industry that has the highest rate of fatalities. Of the 24,700 injuries, 384 resulted in a death. Meanwhile, government positions come with the highest rate of falls in general. There were 63,350 injuries in government in 2016, with 44 fatalities.

Education and health services had the lowest rate of fatalities at 18. They also had the second-highest rate of fall injuries in general at 43,660. Finally, wholesale trade has the lowest number of overall fall injuries at 10,250.

What are the causes of falls?

No matter what field you work in, fall injuries are most often preventable occurrences. They happen due to:

  • A lack of safety equipment and training
  • Faulty or old equipment
  • A workplace emphasis on speed over safety
  • Poor education on fall risks

Thus, many workers who suffer from falls end up entitled to worker’s compensation. If you have suffered from a fall on the job, you may be, too.

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