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Common premises liability cases

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Premises Liability

When you suffer an injury on someone else’s property, the property owner is often liable for your related expenses. 

There are many different ways you may suffer an injury and end up with a premises liability case, and at Connell & Foresta, we want to help you understand the claims you can make. 

Security issues

Some premises liability cases are due to security issues. A property owner should make sure his or her property is properly secure. A good example is if the person owns a swimming pool. In this case, he or she has the responsibility to ensure nobody can get into the pool without the owner’s permission. If someone wanders into the pool area, falls in and drowns, the owner would be liable. 

Security issues may also come up concerning animals. While property owners have the right to keep animals, such as dogs, they have a responsibility to make sure that the dog does not attack anyone. The law usually requires a fence or tie out to secure the dog and prevent it from attacking people who are near or around the property. If you suffer a dog bite from a loose dog, then you may have a claim. 

Safety issues

Safety issues are another reason for premises liability claims and involve anything that might put you at risk for an injury due to lack of care on the part of the property owner. A common example is a slip and fall. 

In most cases, this type of incident happens because the property owner did not properly take care of a hazard, such as spilled liquid or ice on a deck. Falls and similar injuries may also occur due to bad lighting or damaged structures, such as stairs. 

Elevators or escalators can also pose safety risks if the owner does not properly maintain them. Not putting up warning signs can also lead to injuries when using them. 

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