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How long does memory damage last?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After getting into a crash, it is common to suffer from head or brain trauma. Many sufferers also complain about memory loss or damage.

But just how long does damage to the memory last? Is it something that clears up on its own, or is it a lifetime affair?

Why it is hard to predict memory damage duration

As the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center states, it is hard to predict the extent of memory damage. There are many factors at play that determine the health of the brain and memory. At a basic level, the location and severity of the brain injury will impact your memory health. Other factors that may come into play include your medical history and how you treat the injury moving forward.

Severe short term memory loss and damage often lasts hours to weeks. In many patients, these issues tend to clear up as your brain heals. There are certain types of memory therapies you can attend that may help hasten your recovery. But in many cases, time is the best asset.

Long term memory damage over the years

When it comes to issues with long term memory, you may face longer lasting issues. Many victims suffer from damage to the medial temporal lobe. This area translates short term to long term memory so your brain can store the long term memory later. When this area suffers, you may struggle with many daily tasks. This can include remembering where you put your keys or keeping up with important appointments.

This sort of issue can last months, years or even a lifetime. Again, you can go through therapy that may help you regain some lost memory function. But you might need permanent alterations of lifestyle to truly live with this.

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