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Multi-vehicle car accident injures state police major

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The roadways in our area are congested, contentious and dangerous. It may be one of the few things that New Englanders can agree. But, what many of us may not realize is that they are dangerous for every driver, even the police.

The police involved multi-vehicle car crash

According to Massachusetts State Police, the multi-vehicle motor vehicle accident occurred last week, on U.S. Route 3 in Bedford. Before the crash, MSP pulled over a vehicle on Southbound side of U.S. Route 3. While in the breakdown lane, the MSP major’s vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle. The collision careened the MSP cruiser into the right lane, where it was struck by another vehicle.


Luckily, the MSP major’s injuries are classified as non-life-threatening, but he was taken to a nearby hospital. The Wilmington woman that initially caused the car crash was also transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. And, the Lowell man involved in the second impact was not injured nor taken to the hospital. Surprisingly, the occupants and the vehicle that was originally pulled over was not involved in the accident. Though, the accident shut down multiple lanes during rush hour traffic, creating an even heavier afternoon traffic than normal.

Help, when help is needed

This case is a prime example that everyone on the road is in danger, regardless of how well we drive or how safe we occupy the road. We simply cannot avoid the negligence of others forever, even if one wears a badge. But, the good news for our North Andover, Massachusetts, readers is that person’s negligence does not have to go unpunished. Even if they do not face criminal penalties for their negligence, through a personal injury lawsuit, car accident victims can get civil justice. Victims can recover for their vehicle, pain and suffering, lost work, medical expenses, etc. It may not feel like enough, but it helps victims regain their life.