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Preparing to apply for Social Security Disability benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Social Security Disability

You may believe you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits but beginning the application process can seem daunting.

It is true that the process can be complex and sometimes confusing but preparing your information and documents before applying will help. There are professionals who can help you with this.

Basic information

The basic information you need to apply is:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Social Security Number

You should have this information for both you, your spouse and any former spouse, as well as the names and birth dates of any of your minor children.

The only financial information you should need is your bank account number and routing number. This information is necessary to deposit your SSD benefits.

Medical information

Have the name and contact information of someone who can be contacted about your disability or medical condition(s). They can potentially help with your application.

You will need to provide detailed information about your medical status. This includes underlying conditions and current or prior illnesses and injuries.

Gather your medical records. You will need to give the contact information of any doctor(s) or medical providers who have treated you and a list of medications you currently take.

Information on who prescribed your medications or ordered any tests or treatments is also necessary.

Employment information

Since the purpose of SSD benefits is to provide you with benefits since you cannot work due to a disability, prepare to give detailed information about your work history.

Have the contact information for your last two employers available and the amount you earned from each one. You will need to provide a list of all employers you worked for in the 15 years before you became disabled as well as dates you worked at each job.

Additional information

If you were active in the military before 1968, have the start and end dates of your service available. You may also be asked to give information on any workers’ compensation or other types of benefits you have applied for or intend to apply for.

Documentation will likely be requested to verify all of this information. The more prepared you are, the smoother your application process will likely go and the sooner you will receive your benefits.

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