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A recent fatal wreck warns of accident dangers

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New England falls and winters have a reputation for their picturesque beauty. When out on the trails, you can truly take in the sight of the changing leaves and snowfall. But, if you have somewhere to go, whether it be work, home, errands or vacation, the beauty of Massachusetts can hide the dangers of driving every day. A recent accident with a North Andover resident illustrates these very dangers.

The unfortunate fatal accident

According to a news report, two passengers, one from North Andover and the other from New York, sustained fatal injuries as the result of a rear-end impact from a tow truck. The driver of the vehicle also received emergency medical treatment and survived. In addition to the initial impact between the first two vehicles, a third vehicle allegedly struck the tow truck. This single incident demonstrates the potential severe outcomes associated with a quick trip down the block.

Troubling accident data

According to Massachusetts state crash data, close to 95,000 accidents occurred in 2022, as of mid-October. Over 300 fatalities resulted from these accidents. As the year continues, we must also consider the possibilities of more accidents and costly outcomes.

You have options after a motor vehicle accident

If you or a loved one are hurt due to another driver’s negligence, Massachusetts is considered a no-fault state. However, a North Andover attorney versed in Massachusetts law can discuss the specifics. If your outcome results in property damage, injury or death, you have options. An attorney will advocate for your interests and help assert your needs to insurance companies and other parties, so you can focus on your path to resolution.

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