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Warehouse hazards that put you at risk for injury

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Many people earn a living by working in warehouses. As one of these individuals, you may have mixed feelings about your job, but you likely appreciate the paycheck that you earn for putting in your time and effort. Of course, working in a warehouse can come with hazards.

Like any job, you face risks of injury while conducting your work-related duties. Though you may do your best to avoid horseplay or other actions that could potentially put you in harm’s way unnecessarily, a sudden accident could leave you injured, or an injury could show up over time due to years of repetitive motions.

What hazards put you at risk?

The hazards in any given workplace are often too many to count. Though employers and employees alike can do their parts to mitigate the risks of working with those hazards, injuries can still result. While on the job, you may want to look out for the following dangers:

  • Working with machines: Though you may have experience working with warehouse machines, it is important not to become complacent or forget how dangerous machinery can be. Always pay attention to warning labels, and attend retraining when available.
  • Fall hazards: You may not necessarily work at height during your warehouse duties, but you could still face fall risks if hazards could result in tripping or slipping. Puddles left on the floor, cords stretched across walkways, and slick surfaces could all put you at risk.
  • Falling objects: Warehouses typically have a substantial number of products inside, and you could find yourself injured if improper storage or other factors resulted in an object falling and striking you.
  • Strain on the body: Your job may require heavy lifting, repetitive motions, bending, twisting, reaching and other movements that could prove hard on your body, especially over time. These strains could end up posing considerable health issues.

Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace are not always predictable or preventable, and if you wind up injured on the job, you could have a hard road ahead.

What about workers’ compensation?

If you do suffer work-related injuries, you may worry about your health and the financial repercussions of the injuries. Fortunately, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Of course, applying for benefits and receiving your much-needed compensation is not always easy, so it may work in your interests to consult with a Massachusetts attorney about taking this step.

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