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2 common car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car crash happens, and life changes in an instant. Aside from the apparent damage to the car, the body needs some serious time and attention to heal.

When the events of a crash end, the occupants of the vehicles may feel fine. As the hours go by, however, aches and pains may begin to rear their ugly heads, making it impossible to function. Some injuries occur more frequently as the result of a collision than others. Learn about two common injuries that warrant a trip to the doctor.

  1. Soft tissue damage

The most frequent complaints made by those who experience a crash center around the neck. Whiplash occurs when the soft tissue of the neck sustains microtears from the force of the impact. When the force of an impact, especially from a rear-end crash, causes the head to snap back and forth, the muscles in the neck may tear. Whiplash may come on immediately following a crash or take a few hours to manifest. The most common symptoms include things like burning pain in the neck and difficulty with mobility. The condition may require physical therapy and medication to recover.

  1. Head trauma

The skull protects the brain, but in a car accident, it may not withstand injury. Even with an airbag, the head may still make contact with something in the vehicle during the crash. The door, middle console or even other occupants all become hard obstacles for the head to strike. The extent of the damage to the brain may prove challenging to diagnose at first. When the head shows signs of injury, getting to the hospital becomes crucial. Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe and may require emergency intervention.

The body requires attention after a car accident. When walking away from a wreck, consider getting a medical workup to ensure that there are no underlying injuries. It may prevent further damage.