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Reckless driver reported on Massachusetts Turnpike

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Massachusetts roads can get incredibly busy, filled with vehicles of all sizes from little sports cars to massive semitrucks. All of the drivers of those vehicles need to exercise great caution and pay attention to everything around them in order to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes, however, accidents happen anyway.

A recent motor vehicle accident happened on the Massachusetts Turnpike. A Honda Accord was, according to reports from other drivers, being operated in a dangerous manner. One of those other drivers said that her car was sideswiped by the Accord and that her car was rendered unsafe to drive. Another driver, who was in a tractor-trailer, said that their vehicle was nearly hit as well by the Honda in a call to 911.

Yet another witness also called 911 to report the dangerous driving as well. That witness was reportedly freaked out as she told authorities that the dangerous driving could result in a major accident. Sadly, her prediction came true as the Honda crashed into a vehicle and then concluded its wild run by smashing into a guardrail.

When police officers got to the scene, they found the driver of the Honda standing by his vehicle. They felt that he seemed to be under the influence of something and gave him a Breathalyzer test. He passed that, however, police say they had recent to believe that he was under the influence of drugs, though they didn’t specify the kind of drugs they believe he was on.

Dangerous situations like this one result in damage to other people’s vehicles and to property. They can also result in injuries that may take an examination to determine, and emotional suffering as well. All of those things can be a basis for pursuing compensation.