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Attorney Fighting For The Rights Of Car Crash Victims

After a car accident, most injury victims who carry car insurance assume they are “fully covered” and won’t have any problems getting an insurance payout from their auto insurance policies. Unfortunately, difficulties often arise – even when car accident victims are negotiating with their own insurance companies. Too many people accept an inadequate payout rather than fight with their insurance companies. Why?

At Connell & Foresta in North Andover, we have a wealth of experience representing auto accident victims in Massachusetts. Our attorney Michael Foresta will work with you and help you get the maximum compensation award available in your case.

Representation After Serious Injuries Or Fatal Accidents

Car crashes cause a variety of severe injuries, including soft tissue injuries, brain damage and spinal cord injuries, and even wrongful death. Our lawyer has won compensation after serious and fatal accidents involving:

Our attorney has in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts’ insurance law. We deal with the insurance companies on your behalf, negotiating for compensation for all pain and suffering, medical payments, property damage and collision claims associated with your case. If applicable, we can also help you secure uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits.

Will My Car Insurance Rates Increase If I File A Claim?

A misconception exists that your car insurance rates will go up if you file a claim after a car accident. This is not true. Under Massachusetts law, your insurance rates will not rise unless you are shown to be 50% or more at fault in the accident.

Another myth about car accidents and insurance claims is that it is somehow wrong to make an insurance claim after a car accident. This is also not true. Insurance policyholders pay premiums in order to get the benefit of an insurance payout in the event of accident and injury. Learn more about opening a personal injury claim post-crash.

Now Is Not The Time To Take Any Chances. Contact Us To Get The Job Done.

Contact a Massachusetts auto accident attorney at Connell & Foresta for a free consultation online or call 978-794-7900. Our office is in Andover. You will pay no legal fees unless we recover compensation for you.