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Compassionate Counsel And Advocacy For Injured Motorcyclists

In spite of all the bumper stickers, cars and trucks usually fail to take motorcycles’ small size into account when considering their own movements. Motorcyclists are also at greater risk for injury from hazardous road conditions, such as broken pavement, poorly maintained guard rails or unmarked construction threats. Even if bikers take appropriate safety precautions, when an accident occurs, their injuries are usually far more severe and life-changing than those faced in other types of auto accidents.

At the Boston-area law firm of Connell & Foresta, we understand motorcyclists. We know that no matter how careful you are on your motorcycle, you pay the price if you get into an accident. Talk with our experienced lawyer after a motorcycle accident to learn about how to obtain maximum compensation. We represent clients in North Andover and the surrounding Massachusetts area.

Experienced, Caring Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Our attorney has handled motorcycle accident cases involving:

  • Paralysis and other spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries and brain trauma
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Wrongful death

We are aware that there is a legal and societal bias against motorcyclists. A lot of people assume that a person who rides a motorcycle is reckless. We know that this is not true. Motorcyclists are well-aware of how little safety equipment protects them if they crash. They also know all too well how invisible they can be to the drivers of bigger vehicles.

Even at lower speeds, injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash are far more significant. We keep this in mind when we talk to the insurance companies. Although it is in the insurance companies’ interest to pay you as little as possible, we will fight them every step of the way to get you a settlement or jury award that will meet your needs.

Find Out What You Can Do To Strengthen Your Claim. Call Today.

Sometimes, an accident is not the fault of any driver. If a bike is defective in some way, the results can be catastrophic. Faulty designs are rarer, but can lead to terrible injury. Often, the way the bike was assembled or repaired is the cause of an accident. When we assess your case, we will carefully consider whether a dangerous, defective, poorly designed, or improperly repaired cycle or motorcycle part was a factor in your accident.

Contact a Massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyer at Connell & Foresta for a free consultation at 978-794-7900 or reach out to us online. No legal fees unless we recover compensation for you.