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Was The Crash Caused By A Drunk Driver Or Road Rage?

In any auto accident, the person to blame should be the one who has to cover the costs of any damages anyone else incurs as a result. In accident cases involving road rage or drunk driving, the outcome becomes that much clearer: The other driver is obviously responsible for the accident, so that person should be held liable for the damages.

If you have been in an accident caused by road rage or drunk driving anywhere in Massachusetts, the law firm of Connell & Foresta in North Andover can help. Attorney Michael Foresta has decades of legal experience. We know how to establish liability and obtain compensation for our clients.

Accidents Caused By Road Rage

In today’s society, we are all too familiar with the concept of “road rage.” One driver makes a real or perceived mistake and another, in the grip of an unreasonable rage, drives aggressively, gestures rudely or even tries to goad the first driver into a confrontation. Most people know better than to get into a “road rage” confrontation but drivers consumed by “road rage” can take the situation out of your hands – startling you with their sudden movements, darting in front of you, pressuring you or even forcing you off the road.

There are explanations for road rage and reckless behavior, but no real excuses.

Boston-Area Drunk Driving Injuries Lawyer

It has only been a few decades since the public was made to face the growing problem of drunk driving accidents. Today, reasonable people know never to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking, right?

The fact is many people still fail to designate a driver, realistically monitor their alcohol consumption or make other plans if they find themselves too drunk to drive. These poor decisions are often the result of willful refusal to plan ahead and protect the safety of others.

If an aggressive or drunk driver’s recklessness results in severe injury or death, victims can hold them responsible in court. Depending on the circumstances, some cases are ripe for a claim against the individual or establishment that served the driver too much alcohol. These are called dram shop liability claims.

We will fight to get you fair and just compensation for your injuries and losses, and to send a message that this behavior is not acceptable.

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