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Attorney Represented Clients Injured In Slip-And-Fall Accidents

We believe that many people do not take slip-and-fall accidents as seriously as they should. Slipping and falling, even if it is just on the sidewalk, can cause significant injuries, including broken bones, painful soft tissue damage, or even head injuries or spinal cord trauma.

Many of these injuries are preventable when property owners take appropriate steps to maintain safe conditions. If they had only installed a railing, offered adequate lighting or marked off that frost heave in the sidewalk, one would not have had to go to the hospital.

If this has happened to you, we want to help. At the law firm of Connell & Foresta in North Andover, we have helped countless injured people in Massachusetts get fair and just compensation when they are injured due to another’s negligence. Attorney Michael Foresta has more than 20 years of legal experience helping clients obtain compensation for serious injuries.

When presented with a slip-and-fall case, our lawyer follows five important steps:

  1. Listening to our clients’ stories
  2. Investigating the situation
  3. Discovering the facts behind the injury to provide an accurate assessment of the case
  4. Uncovering any factors that could make a difference between dismissal and settlement
  5. Fully explaining the legal options, letting the client choose which option is best

Were You “Assuming The Risk Of Injury”?

Addressing a successful slip, trip and fall or another premises liability case in Massachusetts can be challenging. Most people have taken a hard fall, and it seems logical that something like spilled liquid or a broken step would be an obvious hazard to someone. In addition, they also hear about people “taking advantage of the system” to win large jury awards for minor injuries.

These beliefs have led to strict laws and rules for these types of lawsuits. For example, a property owner will not be held negligent if you were “assuming the risk of injury,” meaning you knew what you were doing could be dangerous and you accepted that you might be hurt.

Take a tough Massachusetts winter, for instance. Everyone expects ice and snow, and assumes the risk of falling just by leaving their home. Simply because someone slips on ice or snow does not prove that a property owner failed in some way to prevent it. However, if a landlord has not sanded or shoveled a walkway in over a month, or has improper drainage, and leaves dangerously icy conditions for people, it may be found that a reasonable property owner would have taken more care.

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