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Our Team Holds Liquor Establishments Accountable

When drivers fail to plan ahead and make arrangements for a sober ride, their negligence could cause serious injuries and even death. At Connell & Foresta, we hold drunk drivers accountable for their dangerous actions. We also aggressively pursue other avenues of financial recovery, including the bartender, server or private party who served the driver alcohol as well as the establishment in which it was served.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed by a drunk driver, or you were overserved and injured as a result, our North Andover dram shop liability attorney will explore every avenue of compensation to ensure that you get the medical care and financial support you need. If you believe that you have a dram shop liability claim, it is important to speak with a lawyer right away. We will help you determine if you have a viable claim, and, if so, we will pursue the maximum compensation award available for you.

Maximizing Your Compensation

A dram shop is any establishment that sells or serves alcohol, including a bar, liquor store, restaurant or hotel. Under Massachusetts law, it is illegal for a dram shop to serve alcohol to a person who is already visibly intoxicated. If a bartender, server or social host continues to serve alcohol to a person who is intoxicated, and that person causes injury to himself or herself or another person, the person who served the alcohol and the bar or restaurant can be held accountable.

Dram shop liability cases are notoriously difficult to prove. Our firm has been handling these types of cases since 1998. We have a deep understanding of how the dram shop liability laws work and how to use them in your favor. Working with expert witnesses, we will build a strong case designed to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries. If there is an avenue of compensation available to you, we will explore it.

Contact A Local Liquor Liability Firm That Is Here For You

To discuss your case with an experienced lawyer in a free consultation, call 978-794-7900 or contact us online. You will not pay any legal fees unless we recover damages for you.